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Overhaul and Draught Proofing

Traditional Restoration can provide a service for many window problems, from broken sash cords, seized up pulley wheels, rattling in the wind, draughts or windows with so much paint they will not open or close correctly. We are happy to offer advice and free quotations.

  • Remove sashes from existing box frame.
  • Weigh sashes and add weight if necessary to balance sashes correctly.
  • Replace old sash cord with new wax coated sash cord.
  • Install draught proofing to meeting rail and to new parting bead and new staff bead.
  • Rehang sashes.
  • New locking window furniture supplied and fitted if required.

Traditional Restoration provide an effective draught proofing system that is designed particularly for traditional sash windows. The system reduces heat loss and noise, stops windows rattling, as well as providing smoother traction when opening and closing windows.